Connect Crazy!

We are connect crazy ... we have made several different versions of connect-style games.

There is the famous Four In A Line

And then we made Three In A Line, and Five In A Line

And now we have Connect 3D, which is, you guessed it, a Three-Dimensional version of Four In A Line.

Not stopping there, we have a special version we call "Drop" - after the bottom row is full, the whole board "drops" down. This leads to some interesting strategies ...

... try Three In A Line (Drop), and Four In A Line (Drop)

And lastly, we have the Four In A Line Timed Version, for those speed thinkers out there. Well, 10 seconds should be enough time.

Which do you like the best? Express your opinions here.

Happy connecting, and don't let that nasty computer make you feel bad ... !

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